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Wednesday May 17
(Optional cultural program)

09.30 – 10.00
Pick up at your hotel – Short walk or transfer by subway to the main street of Oslo, Karl Johan Street

Approx 10.30
EURAM Lounge at Karl Johan Hotel.
Enjoy the fantastic view of the children’s parade from our EURAM Lounge on level 4.
Snacks and beverages will be available.

End of the parade and our stay at the Lounge.

What is May 17?

...Thousands of jubilant children with Norwegian flags.
...School bands from more than 100 local schools.
...People dressed up in colourful National costumes (Bunad).
...The Royal Family salutes the crowds from the Castle balcony.

The children's procession has become the colourful focal point in the celebrations of our National Day - celebrated from the most remote coastal settlements to the capital city.

In Oslo, thousands of school children, marching along behind their school bands and banners, file past the Royal Palace in salute to the King and the Royal family. Most of the children have their own small Norwegian flag to wave, and the route is lined with enthusiastic onlookers. After the procession there are games, entertainment and film shows, and plenty of hot dogs and ice cream.

Norway adopted its constitution in 1814, and it is this event that is celebrated on the May 17. The Storting, the Norwegian parliament, held the first May 17 celebration in 1836, and from then on the May 17 was regarded as the national day.

The russ celebration – the end of 13 years of school
May 17 is also the day students in the last year of upper secondary school celebrate the end of 13 years of school. They call themselves russ and wear colourful overalls. High spirits are the norm and they generally have a lot of fun. They have their own processions with painted vans and busses decorated with slogans and jokes - playing loud music.

May 17 outside of Norway
Norwegians and people with Norwegian roots living abroad also celebrate the National Day. Many Norwegian seamen’s churches, embassies, student associations and other Norwegian institutions arrange processions, receptions and parties.

PRICE: € 15 (NOK 110)

Please note: Minimum 25 participants