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EURAM 2006 Overview

EURAM 2006 will investigate the nature and qualities of management research in Europe. We will examine theoretical approaches and scientific themes while exploring practical ways to empower and revitalize Europe.

The conference theme speaks to a significant challenge. Europe today faces a sharp challenge from North America and Asia. We face economic competition and political competition. The effect of these forces is exacerbated by competition for resources.

In an increasingly competitive world, we must reframe, revitalize, and empower management theory and practice in all areas of management science. Profound changes in industry, politics, and the economy make this a key topic. Equally important is the need to "energize" European management research as a significant research area in relation to other research fields. We must also energize management research as a vital resource for European and national policy. This requires active promotion and positioning.

The conference will address four current challenges that reflect the conference theme:


Rebuilding European competitiveness in the international context requires us to develop "energetic" - action oriented -management models, concepts, and methods. We must shape new forms of coopetition, entrepreneurship, learning, and innovation, and we must build systems to nurture them.

Europe today has entered an era in which we restructure businesses and political institutions. The restructuring process is a European response to threats that challenge our products and services. If we fail to meet thischallenge, technology-based innovation means that Europe will fall behind North America, Asia, and Australia. This means that Europe also faces a competitive challenge in management education and research.


We require new models, concepts and methods to mobilize, reframe, and revitalize unexplored resources in firms. Some are latent. Some are dormant. Some will be new. These include new communities of practice, innovation portfolios, public-private interplay, supply chain
management, and more. There is no magic formula for European growth and there will be no quick fix. Even so, we believe that we can develop advantages for European companies to transform science and invention for successful new products and viable new companies.


We must "energize" European management researchers for the unique opportunities that Europe offers for research and increased activity in the international context. Common issues to improve European systems and societies should interest business leaders and researchers together. If European companies grow, management education and research will grow. For Europe to be a single community in theory and in practice,
we need a new kind of leadership that will not come from politicians alone. Management educators and researchers share responsibility for action to improve the European situation.


We need to manage energy and natural resources for sustainable and effective development. A long tradition of energy production and our recent history in oil and gas make this challenge particularly important to Norway. The Oslo EURAM conference will offer special tracks in project management and energy issues to bring business leaders and scholars together in mutual dialogue on Europe's energy future.

Mid-May is the finest time of the year in Oslo, with high temperatures and brilliant sunshine. In May, Oslo will have the same excellent weather that EURAM enjoyed in Stockholm in 2002, starting the season of long Scandinavian summer nights and extended hours for restaurants and bars. Harbor seating expands by 5000 restaurant chairs, and Oslo will have a warm welcome for EURAM participants.

The Norwegian School of Management will give EURAM full access to the new spacious Nydalen Campus from May 17 to May 19.

On May 16, the EURAM 2006 Doctoral Colloquium will be held as a small, high-quality research event aimed at bringing together established management scholars with about fifty doctoral students. The Doctoral Colloquium is titled "European management research. Farewell to pure reason. Welcome to constructive pluralism."

The new purpose-built Norwegian School of Management in the Nydalen district of Oslo provides superb conference facilities at the most modern business school campus in Europe.

The Nydalen campus is located in the old industrial area of Oslo. The campus has its own metro station, part of a rapid transport net that will move participants between campus, city center, and harbor in 5 to 10 minutes.

The campus itself offers many congenial settings for social activities and intellectual meetings. On campus, participants will find a wide variety of cafés, bars, and restaurants that make it easy for the participants to meet before, during, and after sessions. We will create a rich range of meeting places that serve food and drinks at reasonable prices during and after the formal programs.

The superb facilities also make it possible to host special interest seminars and meetings before and after the main EURAM conference, and we will be pleased to host thematic meetings in conjunction with the main conference.

We look forward to meeting you in Oslo!

Prof. Johan Olaisen, Conference chair
Prof. Ken Friedman, Conference co-chair         

EURAM2006 ~ BI Norwegian School of Management
Nydalsveien 37, 0442 Oslo, Norway




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