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The Objectives of the Doctoral Colloquium
The four main objectives of the Doctoral Colloquium are:
· to give doctoral students the opportunity to present their dissertation research project.
· to facilitate feed-back from established scholars and recognized junior professors in management.
· to foster the development of a personal network with recognized scholars and doctoral students who are conducting research in similar topics.
· to facilitate doctoral students’ participation in the EURAM Conference.

Acvtivities of the Colloquium
· Plenary sessions on general issue concerning doctoral research
The plenary sessions consists of short lectures where distinguished professors present and discuss their views on topics which are thought of being of general interests for research students.
· Parallel sessions for presenting and discussing doctoral thesis projects
In these sessions doctoral students and faculty with appropriate expertise will work in focused groups. Each doctoral student will have about twenty-five minutes of time – guidelines are ten minutes for presentation and fifteen minutes for comments, feedback and discussion. This gives the doctoral students an opportunity to gain practice in delivering short, focused, and clear presentations and conducting a debate on their work with fellow students and faculty.
· The development of a professional network for future collaboration
The new contacts made may be extremely helpful in the further development of the thesis but also for future job application, research projects, obtaining a role in organizing conferences, acting as reviewer, etc.
· Social events at the colloquium include coffee/tea brakes, dinner, and get together.