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A paper submitted to the Doctoral Colloquium must be based on the doctoral dissertation research project. Doctoral students from all countries of the world can submit a paper.

Financial support
Statoil has kindly decided to offer financial support to up to ten doctoral students from countries in Europe where funds are not readily available for participating in an important event such as the 2006 Doctoral Colloquium. The maximum support is € 1.000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Expenses paid are refunded based on receipts. Advancement may be arranged with the Doctoral Colloquium. Receipts should in any case be filed with the Doctoral Colloquium as soon as possible upon closure of the EURAM 2006 conference. For students qualifying for financial support the Doctoral Colloquium and the EURAM 2006 registration fees are waived.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to file an application for support immediately. One does not have to wait for the paper submission deadline. However, financial support will not be granted unless the paper is also accepted for presentation at the Doctoral Colloquium. Students being citizen of and studying in East European Countries and former Yugoslavian republics are allegeable (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.). Students from other countries that thing they may qualify for support should contact Tor.J.Larsen@BI.NO for further information.

Please download and fill out the following application to apply for financial support:

Application for Statoil stipend.doc

General directions for paper content
Submitted papers should include those of the following main sections that are relevant, considering dissertation work status. Sections up to methods considerations may be most relevant for work in the early stage while all sections may be relevant for a near completed dissertation. Dependent upon the nature of the dissertation approach (inductive, deductive), the sections may not appear in the suggested order. Since there is a strict limitation to the size of the submitted paper, the candidate may prioritize depth in sections of particular interest or concern – hence present somewhat more sketchy material in others. Also, selection of material should reflect the doctoral student’s particular need for discussion and debate. When crafting the material one should keep in mind that the purpose is creating the basis for discussion. The Doctoral Colloquium is not a forum for presentation of completed work! The suggested main sections are as follows:

-Literature review of the research area or the state of the art of the subject area addressed
-Conceptual framework or theory
-Research hypothesis, research questions, and/or research model.
-Methods considerations, validity and reliability concerns
-Analysis and major conclusions drawn
-Complete Bibliography

Doctoral Colloquium topic area for your paper
(may determine the grouping of papers for discussion)
On the front page of your paper, please state in writing which of the following topic areas your paper (most likely) may be filed under:

1. Strategy
2. Organizational theory and entrepreneurship
3. Innovation
4. Organizational behavior, leadership and HRM
5. Corporate Learning, theorizing from practice and knowledge management
6. Marketing
7. Information systems management
8. Ethics and social responsibility
9. Public management
10. Project management
11. Philosophy and epistemological studies
12. Other

You may conclude that your contribution does not fall within any of the above topic areas. If so, please choose alternative 12 – “Other”. Choosing “Other” has no direct impact on the final decision of accept/reject.

The tree best papers for the Doctoral Colloquium will be recognized and a token for outstanding work will be submitted during the final panel.

Papers will be evaluated and accepted in a process of double-blind referees.

Abstracts will be published in the paper book of the EURAM 2006 Conference, to be distributed at the Conference. Full papers will be published in the electronic publication of EURAM 2006 Conference.

Guidelines to submit your paper to the Doctoral Consortium
To submit a proposal to the consortium, follow the general EURAM 2006 conference style guide to format your paper and prepare it for submission. Your proposal must not exceed 7000 words.

On your front page, please also indicate the category your contribution belongs to: 1) Early stage - working paper to be submitted to the doctoral program at your affiliation, or 2) Later stage - research project that has been accepted by the doctoral program at your affiliation. Hence, the Doctoral Colloquium does not use the categories of “work in progress paper” or “full paper.”

Register in the conference management system to upload your paper. Make sure to choose the correct track "Doctoral Colloquium"! Please also take a look at the general checklist for the EURAM 2006 conference submission system.

Important dates
· Submissions of papers: February 13, 2006 (you can submit a paper also later, but proposals delivered on-time will have priority)
· Notification to authors: March 13, 2006