Series of Dissertation
06 / 2014

Susanne H. G. Poulsson:
On Experiences as Economic Offerings

ISSN: 1502-2099
ISBN: 978-82-8247-089-6
No. of pages: 172
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A short description:

In her PhD project at BI Norwegian Business School, researcher Susanne H. G. Poulsson has studied the nature of experiences, and what it is that creates value for consumers who buy experience products. This is a pioneer work in the new and relatively unexplored field of experience economy. Poulsson has conducted field studies of 15 very different attractions and activities in five countries on three different continents. She has explored everything from high culture to extreme sports, Zen gardens, luxury safaris, museums, galleries and dark bingo halls. The researcher has conducted in-depth interviews with visitors to the selected activities in order to uncover and identify the underlying factors and mechanisms that help create value in this type of products.